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Risk Notice

If you are going to use our predictions for earning by making bet at bookmakers, you should always keep in mind that sport is very unpredictable in terms of outcomes. Your bets are always concerned to a risk! By staking on sports events you will either multiply your cash or lose everything. Any information given as a prediction reflects the only opinion of its owner and may not correspond to the actual results. Thus, predictions don’t guarantee your earnings!

After all, if you decided to make a bet, don’t stake the whole lot on the one outcome. There are many factors in football, tennis, ice hockey and other sports that may completely ruin your predictions: injuries, removals, fouls and referee mistakes, etc. No one is insured from such cases as well as it is impossible to predict them. In order to save your “bank”, split the total sum by 8-10 equal parts.

To be able to earn from sports betting you need to have the professional knowledge of sport you are going to bet on: sportsmen conditions, possible injuries, disqualifications, stats of the previous games, mathematical layouts, chances in percentage ratio and even weather conditions. Punter’s personal qualities such as patience, composure and steadiness are also taken into account. It’s quite rare to meet someone having all the specifics mentioned above. That’s why sometimes it’s better to rely on proven resources providing professional predictions for sports events.

Using our predictions will help you avoid common mistakes of inexperienced punters and will let you lower the risks!

Keep in mind that steady financial earnings don’t come instantly in the sports betting world. It’s never worth risking of more than 20% of the “bank” even if the contest seems to be extremely sure. Get rid of the words “the team should win” as it never works this way.

In fact, the rules provided above should be followed by both BetFaq customers and each punter. Professional betting excludes the opportunity of becoming a one day millionaire as it costs a hard work. To everyone who wants to hit the jackpot we recommend trying lotteries and gambling machines.

It’s important to follow the recommendations and avoid common mistakes! BetFaq doesn’t accepts bets or organizes games and provides only informational services basing on the Terms.

We wish you the best of luck!