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2 : 2

THE MATCH PREDICTION Liverpool - Chelsea 14.08 21:00

Asian handicap - Home (-1)

On Wednesday night two strongest European teams will define the best club of the continent in the season of 2018\19. Liverpool as the Champions League’s winner will meet Chelsea as the Europa League’s winner at Vodafone Park Stadium in Istanbul.

The British continue their triumphal run on the planet. Two purely English European Cup finals took place in the spring. And on August 14, the first ever UEFA Supercup final will take place, in which both opponents represent the English Premier League. In total, in history there were seven mono-national finals of the Supercup, five Spanish and two Italian. The last one has been held one year ago where Real Madrid met Atletico Madrid. Another feature of this game will be the identity of the chief judge. Stephanie Frappart is the first female referee in the Supercup finals.


Liverpool is the reigning Champions League’s winner and the runners-up of the English Premier League. The formal owners of the arena are the Reds from Liverpool. This is their sixth final of the European Supercup, the last two appearances have been successful, but all this dates back to the beginning of this century. This month, Liver held two official matches. The Reds lost to ManCity after the penalty shootout in the Community Shield and defeated Norwich in the opening game of the English Premier League 4:1

liverpoolBFrs.jpg (106 KB)


Chelsea will play in the finals of the Supercup for the fourth time. Two out of three calls were unsuccessful. And only the first attempt was successful, but all this happened more than twenty years ago. Aristocrats are the winners of the Europa League and the bronze medalists of the Premier League. On Sunday, they were demolished by the Red Devils in the central game of the starting tour, the score was 0:4. The new coach of the Blues Frank Lampard began his career in his native club with a deep failure. Liver coach Jürgen Klopp is confident in himself and his players. The German did not ask the management to strengthen the roster. Obviously, everything suits him in the current players. Naturally, Klopp and Lampard have absolutely opposite coaching background. Plus, the Chelsea’s roster does not correspond to ambitious tasks.


Liverpool with Jurgen Klopp has a great chance to win in the normal time. We predict the Reds’ win with a handicap of (-1) with a fine coefficient of 2.05

The odds are valid at the moment of the prediction publication.



3 : 1
0 : 3
2 : 2
1 : 2
2 : 3



1 : 2
0 : 4
3 : 4
1 : 0
3 : 5

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