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Privacy Policy

Having accepted the terms of the Agreement, you provide us with your permission to process the private data, agrees to the Privacy Policy terms and their updating as well. We, by the same token, guarantee safekeeping of the data, observing the information, you provide us with, keeping procedure, 
We, company ZERDEN TRADING LP 41 Duke Street, Edinburgh, EH6 8HH, United Kingdom, SL12180, provide access to BetFAQ app, that provides with consulting services, and process the provided information. The information you provide includes: 

Cookie files

There are two kinds of cookies required for operation of BetFAQ application which we use without your permission namely,
1) cookies for identification of the source of a user’s entering the platform;
2) cookies containing identifier of a user’s session on the platform.
To analyze the platform and to maintain its nonstop operation we process your device data including the IP address and the device configuration.

At using the feedback form

At filling in fields of the feedback form one shall insert the following data: name, e-mail address or phone number. It is required to let us reply to your question or comment.

At publishing comments about us

In order to let you be confident in the authenticity of comments on our products we publish comments only of those customers who have come through the identification procedure.

At consideration of your requests

At the application to our service we ask for the following data: name, e-mail address and the description of the questionable matter. That data is required for answering to tour request, application or question. To improve quality of the consulting service we collect data on the visitors’ activity in the App, information from web services (for instance, the interface language, type of the device and date and time of the last visit).

Legal foundation

Private persons from European Economic Area (EEA) shall note that our legal foundation used for collecting and usage of your personal data depends on the volume and the goal we collect the data for. Mainly we collect your personal data (i) when that type of data is required for concluding a service providing agreement you asked for (Offer); (ii) you have provided us with an agreement on collecting and distributing of your personal data (iii) the data processing is determined with our lawful interests. Note that in case you do not provide us with the required information we can not provide you with the required service.

The method of using your data

The entire data is used exclusively for your timely informing on changes in the app operation, prevention of miscommunication and misunderstanding, protection of your financial assets based on the requirements of the applicable law and improvement of services quality.

It is also required for your receiving only personalized and useful content and relevant advertisement.

In case of your application to the customers’ support service your application and data are processed for our prompt solving the problem.

Cookies and other data of that sort allows us to maintain the web site functionality and to provide customers with high-quality services. For instance, we can identify the web site linguistic locale and currency for trading operations. In all the rest of cases when we have to use your data for different purposes, we always ask for your permission.

Customer’s rights in terms of the handed over data

A customer has a right to apply for information on how we use their data. Also, you can make corrections to the data and improve errors.

A customer has a right to apply for an electronic copy of the processed data and to require to delete the personal data or to stop processing it. The right to restriction or termination of the data processing is not absolute and is applied under certain circumstances.

The data we share with third parties

We provide the personal data exclusively to the companies which are involved in operations in BetFAQ application.
The list of the persons and the companies which process your personal data according to our request, provided that such procession is made in accordance with our guidelines and Privacy Policy, includes the following:
1) limited number of our employees and personnel of affiliated companies 
2) adjustment of disputes specialist companies 
3) payment systems within the framework of our obligations in terms of Offer 
4) several services providers significantly supporting the platform functioning.

Note that we can hand over personal information and data in case it necessary for 
1) meeting requirements of the legislation, court decision or execution in an enforced order request from the state authorities; 
2) execution in an enforced order terms of Offer and investigation of any violation;
3) finding out, suppression or obstruction of fraud and/or solving technical and security problems; 
4) protection of rights and property of BetFAQ application as well as its users and the society as a whole. 

Technical protection of the data

We have established special procedure and technical measures to protect the provided personal data. We use a server certificate and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) as means of encoding of the transferred data. In that manner all operations made within BetFAQ application are completely secure.

The underage protection

Our application cannot be used by the underage persons although it is an open source application. In case of finding out of these cases we are authorized to delete the data and the user’s profile from the server internal entries.


From time to time we make some changes to the Policy. However, these changes must not restrict the user’s rights. All changes to the Policy are published on https://app.betfaq.com/de/privacy_application/ page and in case we believe that such changes are important for us, we will inform users by e-mailing.


Please send an e-mail to admin@betfaq.com to receive information on personal data processing or clarification of the data structure as well as to withdraw your consent for the data procession