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75 : 57

PROGNOSE ZUM SPIEL Italy - Slovenia 30.06 18:30

1x2 - S1

Italy will kick off vs Slovenia in the European Championship at Cair Sports Center on June 30.


Italy is playing at the highest level. Incidentally, they were able to win 3 games of their last five played.  In the last rumbles, the hosts won Turkey with a score of 57-54, Belarus with a score of 73-56 and Belgium (60-49). The home side will likely get a win here and it will be an easy task to outplay Slovenia, however, it’s a ball game and everything can happen.


Slovenia is playing smoothly so far, illustrating their newfound offensive execution. Usually unconfident against strong opposition sides, they might come short here.  In the past clashes, the hosts won Latvia with a score of 80-79, China with a score of 72-68 and Slovakia (83-57). The road team will have an ultimate aim to get a road victory here and they are going to do whatever needed to earn it.

Match Prediction

It is going to be a very interesting match. We think the road club should win and it will be an epitome of greatness. Relying on our personal opinion, we deem Italy Win (odds 1.62).



71 : 67
76 : 65
73 : 56
62 : 54
79 : 76



81 : 73
97 : 87
88 : 44
83 : 57
79 : 80