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The corridor strategy

The corridor strategy was initially used in basketball betting and later was implemented in other kinds of sport. It can be used for making wagers on any sport with handicap and total betting. That scheme is often compared to the middle. Simplicity of understanding and absence of having a huge initial capital necessity are The corridor strategy advantages.

What is corridor in betting

Corridor includes wagers on two different events. Each of them can win in some circumstances although a risk of losing remains as well. Unlike the middle bets can be made both in several offices and in the same betting shop. The main problem for the better is connected with finding a profitable corridor. Corridor betting strategy can be used both in pre-match and in live betting.

Example of using the strategy

The better makes two Ta 4.5 and Tb 5.5 wagers on the same match. Only the second bet wins if the number of goals scored during the match is four. In case the total amount of goals is 6, one bet wins and the one loses. If the number of goals is 5 both bets win. The situation when both bets win is called entering the corridor. Low risk of losing money is the advantage of The corridor strategy. Even when one of the wagers lost it would be compensated by the second one winning.

Ratio of potential better’s winning to the sum of potential losing is called the corridor odds.

Advantages and disadvantages of The corridor strategy

The corridor betting strategy is similar to that of betting with advantage and arbitrary situations. Therefore, the advantages are the same, namely:

  • Relatively low risk of losing;
  • The initial bankroll volume can be low;
  • The sum of winning can be rather considerable;
  • Corridor bets are less suspicious for bookmakers compared to the middles.

The list of the scheme disadvantages includes:

  • Winning is not guaranteed although its likelihood is rather high;
  • Relatively low extension of the bankroll;
  • Difficulties in finding the corridor.

Evaluation of entering the corridor

To estimate the potential return and to evaluate the likelihood of winning you should estimate your opportunity of entering the corridor before making a bet. In case the value of likelihood of entering the corridor exceeds one the corridor is called overestimated and such betting is similar to making a bet with advantage.

The likelihood for each event should be summed up and 100% should be deducted afterwards to determine the likelihood of entering the corridor.

Overestimated betting enables to enlarge the bankroll in a long run although the better risks to lose money in case of making a mistake in evaluation.

How to look for corridors

Search and estimation in case of The corridor strategy made by the better themselves can be rather difficult especially for the beginners. To make the matter simple you may use one of the corridor search services. These services scan and analyze bookmakers’ lines. After that, they check corridors availability and the result received is published as a template. A calculator for figuring out the potential sum of winning and likelihood of entering the corridor is a part of the services.

With the help of these services you can find corridors in different betting offices without making analysis and calculations yourself.