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Oscar’s grind

Oscar's Grind was initially designed for casino gambling and later became popular in betting. It is similar to martingale strategy and fits the bankroll management perfectly. Although the algorithm is simple for understanding the better should be attentive and should strictly follow its rules. The main principle of the betters using the strategy can be expressed as ‘not much but permanently’.

Oscar's Grind basics

Like in many other financial schemes in case of Oscar's Grind usage the sum of the bet is calculated depending on the previous result.

The main goal of the scheme usage is in gaining a return after a sequence of bets. The amount of the required sum is calculated based on the amount of potential profit. In case of a loss the sum is left the same and in case of winning, one unit equal to the initial sum, is added to it. After the better gains the planned profit the cycle begins once again.

Example of using the scheme

Suppose the bankroll is equal to $ 1,000 and the planned profit is $ 50. The sum of the initial bet is also $ 50.

The better makes a $50 wager on the event with odds of 2.0 and loses it. The next $50 bet with odds of 2.2 loses as well. The third bet of $50 and odds of 2.0 wins. As the previous step was a winning one $50 is added to the sum of the bet. In that manner the fourth bet will be equal to $100 and odds of is 2.1. If the better wins, the bankroll becomes $1,060 that is the planned profit is gained and the cycle is over.

The main rules for the betters

The rules described below should be observed to gain profit while using Oscar's Grind:

  • You should bet on events with odds of 2 and above.
  • The minimal size of the bet should be chosen so that the bankroll volume could cover at least 10 bets. The wager optimal size is 5% of the bankroll.
  • The bet initial size should be equal to the planned profit.
  • The cycle is over as soon as the profit equal to or higher the initial bet is gained.

Advantages and disadvantages of the algorithm

Although the scheme is similar to other financial strategies, it has several own advantages.

  • As odds are almost equal and the sum is not increased after losing a bet risks increase only slightly.
  • Even after a long sequence of losing bets the cycle completion results in increase of the bankroll.
  • The bet sum increases maximum 4 times during a cycle hence, in the majority of cases the strategy allows to avoid maximal amount of the bet restriction as specified in many betting offices.

Oscar's Grind list of disadvantages includes:

  • It may take a great deal of time to win back the wasted money.
  • As the bet size is not significant, the bankroll enlarges slightly.
  • As the odds should be 2 or higher, the likelihood of winning is not high.
  • The losing series can be rather extended and the better needs to understand it and be ready for it.
  • The better cannot make several wagers at the same time. The next bet is made based on the result of the previous bet.

Summing up, Oscar's Grind is rather a safe scheme and allows to enlarge the bankroll. However, the better should strictly follow the set rules, choose the optimal wager size and be able to analyze sport events to increase the amount of winning sum and to win in general. The scheme fits a great number of kinds of sports including football, ice hockey, basketball, tennis, etc.