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Live compression betting strategy

Live compression betting strategy is popular with both beginning and professional betters. Its usage enables to cover all the losses with one winning bet. There are different options of that scheme usage and live compression betting strategy is one of them.

Live compression betting strategy basics

Live compression betting strategy differs from a standard scheme as it allows to gain a profit fast as the bets are made during a match course. Hence, it is recommended to choose the kinds of sports with a number of sets or parts within the same match. For instance, basketball, tennis and volleyball fit that strategy perfectly. That strategy can be used for betting in football as well. Although a football match consists of two halves many bookmakers divide them into shorter periods of time and each half is frequently divided into three 15-minute periods to make a bet on each of them.

The better should observe the following rules to reach a success using that strategy:

  • Events with odds of 2 or higher should be chosen in that case. However, the better should remember that despite the significant odds the likelihood of that outcome is not high. Therefore, the better should carefully monitor the match course and make a prediction themselves.
  • It is important to identify the sum of the initial bet correctly. It should not be rather significant as after several losses the better can waste all the money. Hence, the sum of the bet should allow to make at least 5 or 6 attempts.
  • The betting office selection is also rather important. The bookmaker should be loyal to live compression bets, provide with a wide selection of the corresponding events and not restrict the maximal size of the bet.

The advantages and disadvantages of the strategy

The list of the main advantages of live compression betting strategy includes:

  • The scheme enables to gain a profit rather fast.
  • One bet can be enough to cover all the previous losses.

The list of the main disadvantages of live compression betting strategy includes:

  • The better should monitor the match course attentively and to analyze it.
  • The better’s bankroll should be rather considerable not to lose all the money in case of a sequence of losses.
  • Selection of the corresponding events in a betting office can be problematic in some cases.

Live compression betting strategy in different kinds of sport

The strategy usage varies depending on the kind of sport.

Live compression betting strategy in basketball. Live compression betting on a quarter is rather popular in that kind of sport. A wager can be made on total above (below) in every quarter, on the winning team in a quarter, on the winner after the fixed time, etc. The bet doubles in case of losing.

Live compression betting strategy in tennis. In that case live bets are made on games, sets and points. In that situation the better can make a bet on total above (below) for every game or match. A great number of time sets enables to make more bets. The initial size of the wager should not be high as the sequence can include a great number of bets.

Live compression betting strategy in ice hockey. Total above (below), odd-even, who scores a goal and which team wins the period are the most popular types of bets in live compression betting strategy. As the match consists of three periods, the sequence will include only three bets which allows to minimize losses in case of losing. The maximal loss when the bet doubles will be 4 times as much compared to the initial bet which is not critical if the sum was carefully selected. At the same time the third winning bet can bring a good return.

The strategy usage requires good analytical skills, knowledge of the sport specifics and an ability to monitor the event closely.