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Danish betting strategy

Danish betting strategy is widely used in betting as it is connected with low risks and is simple to understand. It is based on the sum increasing in arithmetic progression of the bet and increasing of odds after each losing. The algorithm is widely used by both beginning and professional betters.

Danish betting strategy basics

Danish strategy basic principle is in increasing of each next bet after losing. At the same time, unlike martingale scheme, its size increases in arithmetical rather than geometrical progression, i.e. a certain amount of money equal to its initial size is added to the bet after losing. The odds are increased after each losing as well. As soon as the bet wins the cycle begins again starting from the minimal sum and odds.

Example of Danish betting strategy using

Suppose the bankroll is $ 500 and the initial sum is $ 5, i.e. 1% of the bankroll and odds are equal to 1.5. In case of losing the second bet will be equal to $10 and the odds should be higher than the previous one, that is 2 for example. The third bet will be $ 15 on the event with odds of 2.5. After the fourth losing in the amount of $ 20 with odds of 3.0 the loss will be equal to $ 50. Suppose the better wins on step five. The bet size was $ 25 with odds of of 3.5. The return is equal to 87.5-25=62.5. In that case the better gains a profit of $12.5 apart from return of the money lost on the previous four steps.

Advantages and disadvantages of Danish betting strategy

Like any other schemes used in betting the strategy has its advantages and disadvantages. The list of the scheme advantages includes:

  • Lesser risk of losing the bankroll as the bet increases in arithmetical rather than geometrical progression.
  • One winning allows to compensate all the previous losses and to gain profit as well.
  • The sum of winning increases on every step due to increase in both bet size and the odds.
  • The list of the strategy disadvantages includes:

    • Decreased likelihood to win with every next bet as the odds increase correspondingly. The algorithm becomes risky after four losses.
    • The majority of betters are seized with panic after the third or the fourth losing. It is difficult to make significant bets on the events with high odds from the psychological point of view.
    • The better risks a significant part of the bankroll after several losses.

    Hints for betters

    Those who decided to follow Danish betting system should observe the rules below:

    • The minimal size of the bet should not exceed 1% of the bankroll. The same amount is added to each next bet after losing.
    • The odds increases by about 0.5 after each losing.
    • Any types of bets fit the first three steps. After that, we recommend to choose the wagers with the return option, for instance individual totals or minor handicap. In that manner, the risk of losing will be reduced.
    • Switch to multiple bets after four or five losing. It is connected with the fact that winning in multiple bets with 1.5-1.7 odds are much higher than that of the ordinary bet with odds of 4.

    Danish betting system perfectly fits football as in that kind of sport opportunities to win are rather extended.

    You need to make proper budgeting and strictly follow the selected strategy to earn money using the system. In general, that scheme is rather risky although the better can gain a good return by using the correct approach.