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+60% betting system

+60% betting system

Algorithm +60% combines principles of martingale strategy and fixed profit schemes. Its usage enables to gain 60% of the bankroll volume profit during a month provided that the better makes at least 90 wagers during that period of time. Although the system cannot be considered as 100% winning, the risk of losing money is rather insignificant.

The strategy basics

The scheme should be used for events with 1.7-1.8 odds. The initial sum should be equal to 1% of the bankroll and its size increases when the better loses. All in all, the better can make five bets and their sum is calculated as follows:

  • The first bet is 1% of the bankroll;
  • The second bet is 3.5% of the bankroll;
  • The third bet is 9.5% of the bankroll;
  • The fourth bet is 24.5% of the bankroll;
  • The fifth bet is 61.5% of the bankroll.

The better should increase the sum of the wager only in case of the previous bet losing. When the better wins, the cycle is over and the sum of the bet returns to its minimal value.

However, the better loses the entire bankroll when the first five bets lost. Choosing the event with odds of 1.8 and lower implies low risk of losing five consecutive events. In that case the likelihood of losing is not higher than 2%. Hence, +60% betting strategy implies a low risk of losing the bankroll.

Example of usage

Suppose the bankroll is equal to $ 100 and the initial sum is determined based on that amount of money. It is equal to 1% or $1. If the better loses, the bankroll volume becomes equal to $99 and the next bet should be $3.5 (i.e. 3.5% of the initial bankroll). If the better loses the bankroll volume will be $ 95.5. The size of the next wager increases to $9.5 according to the rules of the strategy. In case the better loses again, the bankroll shrinks to $86. The fourth bet should be $ 24.5. Suppose that bet wins and the odds were 1.7. In that case the profit is equal to 1.7*24.5-24.5=17.15. When we add the profit to the bankroll the final result will be 86+17.15=103.15.

In that manner one winning allows the better to pay back all the losses and to enlarge the bankroll as well.

Advantages and disadvantages of +60% betting system

The strategy has the following advantages:

  • One out of five bets enables to gain a profit.
  • Minimal risk of losing the entire bankroll.
  • In case the better makes three wagers a day (90 a month) the profit will be 60% of the initial bankroll during a month.

The scheme has the following disadvantages:

  • The risk of losing the entire bankroll still exists although its likelihood is rather low.
  • The better feels rather uncomfortable after losing three or four bets and many of them are ceased with panic.
  • It is impossible to make several wagers at the same time as the sum of each next bet depends on the outcome of the previous one.

Specific features of +60% betting system usage

The scheme is rather simple for understanding which the main reason for its popularity with the beginners. However, to reach a success the better should observe several rules:

  • The event odds should be 1.8 or lower as it was mentioned before
  • The better should analyze the event themselves before making a wager to reduce the risk of losing.

Besides, it is important to strictly follow the selected strategy and to change neither the size of the bets nor odds. Like in any other financial scheme, strict observance of the sequence is the right way to win.

In general, +60% betting strategy is simple for understanding and all the better needs to do to calculate the size of each next bet depending on the initial bankroll volume. Besides, it is important to choose sport events carefully. The strategy can be used in betting on different kinds of sport.