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TOP-10 books for betters

TOP-10 books for betters

The books in the list allow the beginning better to understand psychology of the subject and its specifics whereas the professionals could improve their skills as well. Each of the books provides the better with some practical information which can be used in betting afterwards.

  1. Nate Silver The Signal and the Noise The beginning better will be able to learn how to analyze sport events and to find out where to receive and how to use the data required for successful betting correctly after reading the book. It contains interesting examples from professional betters’ experience. The author uses rather understandable style and language which allows the better to comprehend and memorize the information easily.

  2. Stephen Harris, Joachim Marnitz, Andrew Broker The art of betting on sports. The authors provide with a brief description of terminology and strategy of betting along with expert’s opinions. The book fits the beginning betters as they can find any information required for reaching a success. Also, the book provides with the description of the specifics and advantages of popular betting strategies which will be of a practical help in choosing the betting scheme.

  3. Jack Houghton Winning of Betfair for Dummies. The book was written by a former Betfair officer. He could learn a lot of secrets and the company’s operation specifics during his long time of working at the exchange. The author describes the online gambling company’s functions of work and provides with the manual for the beginners. The information is based on the author’s extended practical experience.

  4. Andrey Plakhov Profitable Tennis. The book is one the few focused on tennis. The author shares his betting experience. After finishing the book the better will learn how to evaluate tennis player’s chances to win, to choose an event to bet on with maximal likelihood of winning.

  5. Michael Mauboussin The Success Equation. The author shares his own vision of betting. Also, he describes the specifics of many tournaments. The target audience is the betters with some experience in betting rather than the beginners.

  6. Dmitry Fakovskiy and Alex Kervy The Last Multiple bet. It is a fiction book with an exciting plot describing the story of a man trying to build his career in betting. Many beginners can see themselves in the main character. Besides, the book provides with the description of several betting strategies.

  7. Joe Peta Trading Bases: How a Wall Street Trader Made a Fortune Betting on Baseball. The author shares his own strategy of baseball matches evaluation. Although the information will be useful mainly for fans of that kind of sport, some of the schemes are useful for other sports as well.

  8. Ed Miller Plying the Player. The author, one of the betting top tipsters, describes the specifics of his activity. The book describes the characteristic features of matches analysis and the most profitable, according to the author, betting strategies. Although the author describes mainly American football betting many of his schemes are universal and can be used for other kinds of sport.

  9. Nicholas Taleb Fooled by Randomness: The Hidden Role of Chance in Life and in the Markets The author describes behavior of the person who has become a victim of fortuity. Although the author does not exclude using different tactics and strategies, he is rather skeptical towards them.

  10. Maksim Pokrovskiy Sport and Money. The book was published in the middle of 2000s and became a bestseller of that time when it was practically impossible to find betting information in Russian. The author describes a great number of professional secrets which are used in betting nowadays hence, the book provides with vast information on betting strategies. Sport and Money was the main source of information for the Russian betters at this time.