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Corner and yellow cards betting strategy

Corner and yellow cards betting strategy is one of the most popular types of statistical bets as these events are rather simple to predict compared to other statistical events. The other type of that category of bets is yellow cards betting strategy.

Corner betting strategy

There is a great number of types of corner betting in football including:

  • Winning on corners or a draw;
  • Total corners;
  • Double chance;
  • Individual total;
  • Which team makes the first corner, etc.

The common rule is that live corner bets are the most profitable ones. There are different strategies of corner betting. Live betting on winning on corners of the losing team is the most profitable one. According to it when the leader scores the opening goal, the better makes a wager on winning on corners of a weaker team.

There are two reasons for considering the scheme as efficient. To begin with, the stronger team are not so concentrated on the pitch after scoring a goal and allow the opposition to take the initiative. Then, making a corner is often only chance to score for the losing team.

It is important to study statistical data and to choose the matches where the outsiders have a little chance to win to gain a return.

Corner betting specifics

Noe that although corner betting is rather popular with the betters, not every betting office includes them into their line. Besides, many offices decrease odds on that type of bets. Hence, apart from having proper analytical skills the better has to find a corresponding betting office as well.

Yellow card betting

That type of statistical betting along with the corner betting is popular with football betters. One should be a football expert and to possess statistical data as well. Hence, before making a bet it is important to study the following data:

  • The match referee’s stats data.
  • The history of the teams’ relationships.
  • Styles of defense and performance in attack.

Based on that data one can come to a certain conclusion on the coming match and predict the number of yellow cards.

There are different types of bets on yellow cards.

  • Bets on the outcome, i.e. on the team which players will receive more yellow cards. In that case the better should focus on the aggressive players. However, the bookmakers offer low odds on that type of bets when the outcome is obvious. If that is the case, it is recommended to make a bet with a negative handicap.
  • Bets on total. In that case the better makes a wager on total or individual number of cards. It is possible to bet on total above or below in one of the halves for either team, etc.
  • Bets on the team which player will be booked first. In that case the better needs to predict which team will get a yellow card first. According to the statistics, a weaker team receives a yellow card first if the opposition is stronger. The point is that the weaker team have to play in an aggressive manner to score a goal.
  • Bets on the name of the player who will be booked. In that situation only tough players should be considered and their team should be focused on attack rather than defense. That type of betting is characterized with high odds as it is difficult to predict the events.

The better should be able to analyze the information thoroughly to reach a success. Statistical data possessing allows to make the right choice of an event and to predict its most likely possible outcome.