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Typical strategies of football betting

Football is the most popular kind of sport among customers of betting offices. Each punter’s purpose is earning money, and it requires using a certain algorithm. As there is a number of different football betting strategies, we will describe the most popular ones.

The Martingale’s strategy or compression

The strategy involves a punter doubling their bet after every loss. Any type of wagers including an ordinary bet, total, etc. can be taken for that strategy. It can be used in terms of both one team’s games and the entire championships.

Note that to use that algorithm you should choose only the events with coefficient 2 and higher.

As after each loss the bet is doubled, a punter has a chance to return all their losses with the winning one.

The list of compression strategy advantages includes:

  • The punter knows the exact sum of every next wager;
  • A winning bet returns expenses for all the previous losses;
  • A chance of a good return requires the number of bets being no more than five;
  • The strategy is simple for understanding.

The list of compression strategy disadvantages includes:

  • A great number of bets can result in losing of the entire bankroll;
  • The more consecutive losses the better makes the larger sum of money is at risk;
  • Sometimes a winning sum seems too little compared to the risk of losses.

As the compression strategy involves great risks, only experienced and self-confident betters should use it. At the same time it is important to determine the sum of the first wager so that the entire bankroll should not be lost after several losses.

Bet against a draw

According to many betters, it is the best football betting strategy. That was the reason for its wide popularity among the professional betters. That algorithm is the most popular with Betfair customers although some other betting offices offer it as well.

The live football betting strategy has the better make a wager against a draw and then when either team are in the lead makes a live bet on a draw.

In that manner a better can gain a return in either result of a match. It is possible because a bookmaker changes coefficients during a match course and when a team scores a goal the draw coefficient increases.

Counter outcome

That strategy is used in making express bets. The secret of that football betting strategy is in the better’s making a wager on the outcome of one of accumulator bet events which should be opposite the one they made in the multiple bet. In that manner one bet secures the other one and the better wins no matter the real outcome of the betting event.

The main requirement to that algorithm usage is that the multiple bet events should occur at different time. In that case the better can completely monitor and control the situation.

The sum of the bet should be calculated so that the better could gat return in any outcome. A specialist formula could be of a great help: Sum of the bet= sum of the multiple bet *multiple coefficient/counter outcome coefficient. The calculation should be made for all possible outcomes of the multiple bet.

60% betting

That strategy is used for the events with odds of 1.7 and higher. Usage of that strategy allows to increase the bankroll by 60% a month. It goes like:

  • The first bet is equal to 1% of the entire bankroll;
  • The second bet is equal to 3.5% of the entire bankroll;
  • The third bet is equal to 9.5% of the entire bankroll;
  • The fourth bet is equal to 24.5% of the entire bankroll;
  • The fifth bet is equal to 61.5% of the entire bankroll.

The sum of the bet increases only if the previous wager has lost. That strategy allows to gain a significant return. Note, however, that there is a risk of losing the entire bankroll. It happens when all the five bets have lost.