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Multiple bets

Multiple bets are rather popular among both beginners and professionals. That type of bets is famous for an opportunity of gaining a very good return. However, a punter should have some knowledge of the bet specifics to avoid losing. Hence, we recommend to study betting accumulator tips before making a bet.

What a multiple bet is

Multiple bets are accumulator bets comprising of different sport events wagers. These events are not connected with each other and can cover different championships and different kinds of sport as well. A multiple bet wins only when all its predictions do. If at least one prediction loses the entire multiple bet is considered lost as well. When one or several predictions are calculated as a return (the odd is equal to one) and at least one of them wins multiple bet brings profit as well but in that situation it is far less compared to all the predictions winning.

When all the predictions win the multiple bet odds are calculated by multiplying of all the predictions odds. The final outcome is rounded up to a point two- or three-digit number.

Betting accumulator tips

For instance, a better made 4 bets with the following odds: 1.5; 1.8; 2.0; 2.3.
In that case the multiple bet odds are calculated as 1.5*1.8*2.0*2.3=12.42.
If a bet sum was 1,000 Russian roubles the better in case of winning would receive 1000*12.42=12,420 roubles and the net profit is equal to 12,420-1,000=11,420 roubles.

At the same time if a better makes a wager on each event separately, the return in case of each winning would be as follows:
(1.5*1,000-1,000)+(1.8*1,000-1,000)+(2.0*1,000-1,000)+(2.3*1,000-1,000)=3,600 roubles.
The margin in return is rather significant however, as in an multiple bet case one lost prediction means losing the entire bet. Hence, chances to win are much higher in case of making ordinary bets.

Note that an multiple bet is impossible to make if it contains connected or duplicated predictions. Even if it happens due to a technical error, the bet will be cancelled afterwards. Besides, the vast majority of offices restrict either the maximum odds of a multiple bet or the upper limit of payment in terms of that type of wagers. Also, a number of predictions constituting a multiple bet is limited and varies from 8 to 20 depending on the betting office.

Advantages and disadvantages of multiple bets

The list of multiple bet advantages includes:

  • High odds of winning. As the bet odds are calculated by multiplying of all the multiple bet predictions odds, a better gains a good return in case of the wager winning.
  • Bet on small sums. As multiple bet predictions odds are rather high the winning sum can be rather significant.

The list of multiple bet disadvantages includes:

  • High risk of losing. It is rather difficult to make a sprediction of the outcome for several events which are not connected to each other. Hence, the risks of that type of bets are extremely high.
  • High bookmaker’s margin. The margin is multiplied along with odds multiplication.

How to make a multiple bet

Tick all the events included into a bet. Then tick the type of bet (multiple bet) in the right part of the screen in the bookmaker’s coupon. The application will automatically calculate the aggregate odds along with the potential sum of winning.

Likelihood of a positive outcome

Although making a multiple bet can bring a good return, it is hardly possible to earn a significant sum of money in a long run. The point is that the bookmaker’s margin is multiplied along with odds. This is how a better can lose much more money compared to making ordinary bets in a long run.

The likelihood of a positive outcome of an multiple bet is not high, although the return is also high if a better wins. To make an ordinary or an multiple bet is a matter of each better’s choice. Obviously, an multiple bet is a perfect way to get excited and probably to earn good money. However, those who think of a regular earning should reject the idea of making an multiple bet.