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Getting started with sports betting for beginners

Sport betting is both a gambling hobby and a risky investment with a chance to earn or to lose much money. To avoid the negative effect we would like to provide you with some betting tips and predictions and tell you how to let punters gain a profit.

Choose a type of bets

Sport bets are divided into several types and the more of them a bookmaker offers to you the better. Here is a list of the most popular ones:

  1. An ordinary bet is the one on a single event.
  2. A multiple bet is the one on several events.
  3. A system or accumulator bet is a combination of several multiple bets.

The latter secures the better from accidental outcomes and provides with the best chances to win. Ordinary bets implying low risk also fit the beginners.

Bets are usually made on:

  1. The score.
  2. The result.
  3. The half or the match.
  4. The handicap.
  5. Other factors (which team scores first, will there be a penalty in the match, etc.)

In that sense risks are almost equal and the choice is yours.

On the other hand, we do not recommend to register on a betting tipster website without having basic knowledge of different bet calculations as they can cheat you.

Select a good bookmaker

You will not learn how to make bets without help from a good bookmaker. Try to make a reasonable choice based on the following factors:

  • Types of bets, kinds of sport and the number of tournaments;
  • Methods of making payments and cash withdrawal;
  • Legal ground of working in Russia;
  • The website convenience;
  • The Russian language customer support service.

Perform a proper management of your finances

Betting capital is a certain sum of money the better invests in betting. The following rules should be observed to determine the sum:

  • Under no circumstances invest more than you are ready to lose;
  • Never invest borrowed money or the money allocated for other purposes;
  • Not more than 2% of the capital should be used to make a minor bet;
  • Not more than 1% of the capital should be used to make a major bet.

Always keep in mind that sooner or later you will fail and lose a part of your capital.

Be an expert in the subject of your betting

Choose only those matches which you have at least slight understanding of. At the beginning of your betting career select one kind of sport and focus on it only.

For instance, many betters prefer to make football bets as they understand football well. They know the character of the game, the rules, the referee’s duties and can predict the outcome of upcoming matches.

Those who are only studying how to make bets should concentrate their efforts on one league only. It will allow to process the information and data better and not to waste their efforts.

In case you decide to make sport bets permanently, you should be aware of the events happening. Try to monitor all tournaments that your betting team takes part in.

Do not be preconceived and naïve

You do not have to follow your emotions while making sport bets. Some beginners stake on their favorite team without considering its strong points and chances to win the match.

Therefore, analyze the opposition before making a decision to bet. Also, it is important to ignore advice of friends and the rest of those who can mislead you. That is the only way to understand how to make bets properly.

Even though you can consider expert’s opinions, it is you who makes a final decision. Do not trust the strategies which guarantee winning. If such winning strategies existed the gambling and betting business would die.